What Are the Best Unsecured Credit Cards for 550 Credit Score

What Are the Best Unsecured Credit Cards for 550 Credit Score

Having a credit score of 550 can make it challenging to qualify for many credit cards, especially those that require a good to excellent credit score. However, there are still options available for individuals with a lower credit score who are looking to establish or rebuild their credit. Unsecured credit cards are a popular choice for those in this situation, as they do not require a security deposit. In this article, we will explore some of the best unsecured credit cards available for individuals with a 550 credit score.

1. Capital One Platinum Credit Card:
The Capital One Platinum Credit Card is a great option for individuals with a credit score of 550. While it does not offer any rewards program, it provides access to a higher credit line after making five on-time monthly payments. This card also offers fraud coverage and free access to your credit score through CreditWise.

2. Credit One Bank Platinum Visa:
The Credit One Bank Platinum Visa is specifically designed for individuals with less than perfect credit. It offers a variety of benefits, including cashback rewards on eligible purchases, free online access to your credit score, and the possibility to increase your credit line over time. However, it is important to note that this card charges an annual fee.

3. Indigo Platinum Mastercard:
The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is another option for those with a 550 credit score. It does not require a security deposit and provides access to pre-qualification without impacting your credit score. Additionally, this card reports to all three major credit bureaus, which can help in building or rebuilding your credit history.

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4. Milestone Gold Mastercard:
The Milestone Gold Mastercard is available to individuals with a credit score of 550 or higher. It offers a quick pre-qualification process, no security deposit, and the opportunity to build credit through responsible use. This card also reports to all three credit bureaus, helping you establish a positive credit history.

5. Surge Mastercard:
The Surge Mastercard is specifically designed for individuals with poor or limited credit history. It offers a quick application process, no security deposit, and the opportunity to increase your credit limit after six months of responsible use. While it charges an annual fee, it can be a valuable tool for rebuilding credit.


Q: Will applying for these credit cards affect my credit score?
A: When you apply for a credit card, the issuer typically performs a hard inquiry on your credit report, which can temporarily lower your credit score. However, the impact is usually minimal and diminishes over time.

Q: Can I improve my credit score with these credit cards?
A: Yes, responsible use of these credit cards can help improve your credit score over time. Make sure to pay your bills on time, keep your credit utilization low, and avoid accumulating excessive debt.

Q: How long does it take to rebuild credit with these credit cards?
A: Rebuilding credit is a gradual process and can vary depending on individual circumstances. With consistent responsible use, it may take several months to a year to see significant improvement in your credit score.

Q: Can I upgrade to a better credit card in the future?
A: Yes, as you build a positive credit history with these credit cards, you may become eligible for better credit card options with lower interest rates, higher credit limits, and additional rewards programs.

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In conclusion, having a credit score of 550 does not mean you are limited in your credit card options. There are several unsecured credit cards available that can help you establish or rebuild your credit. By using these cards responsibly and paying your bills on time, you can work towards improving your credit score and gaining access to better credit card offers in the future.